Why Your Getting Ready Photos Are So Important

Your wedding day is something that you will remember your entire life. You plan for months before it and do everything you can to be absolutely sure that everything goes as smooth as possible. That is why I think it is very important to start it with a good morning. 

When I take photos of my brides getting ready, I make a point so they understand the importance of those moments. Those are the moments that you should be relaxed, happy, excited and overall, not stressed out. 

Be sure you choose a room with good lighting. If there is only a room to get ready with a window, that room is for you. Your make up artist will thank you for it. 

Don’t let everyone in there. I have been in getting rooms with over 40 people in them. Believe me when I say that room was everything but relaxing. Only you, your designated vendors and your bridal party should be there. Cousins, kids and other people can get ready in the adjacent room. They will be able to see you later. This is a moment for you to relax and get ready for the big day ahead of you. 

Be sure the room is tidy. Your photos will look way better in a tidy room than a messy one. All backpacks make up bags and hair products should be placed away from the main area and behind the photographer. 

Lastly, reduce the amount of alcohol in that room. You have an entire day of drinking and partying in front of you and if you really want to make it to the end, maybe a coffee or a light mimosa is better for these moments. Beer and wine can wait. 

Remember to try to look at your getting ready room with the eyes of your photographer and to tell your girls to keep it clean. It will make a difference in your wedding photos!

Happy planning!


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