5 Trends That Will Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

2019 wedding season is upon us and there are some trends that started last year and are definitely here to stay! Read below if you are still in the planning stage and take notes of what is coming!

1. Fresh Flowers Everywhere

2019 brides are forgetting about the decorations and focusing more into the nature-loving environment. Fresh flowers everywhere is a trend that I personally love. Not only it gives your wedding a fresh and very romantic look but it also smells wonderful!

2. Blue tuxes

Dark and rich colors are coming and blue is definitely the color that grooms and groomsmen are choosing more and more for their wedding. Pair it with a softer color for the girls and you will be golden!

3. Minimalism

You don’t need tons of decorations to make your wedding elegant. You just need the right ones. Remember that less is more (and also cheaper).

4. Bridal accessories

Go above and beyond the white dress. A denim jacket, a pair of boots or even a hat will make your wedding attire fun and your photos more especial!

5. Adding your puppies

Your little fur babies should be included on your wedding day. I love when my clients tell me their pups will be attending the wedding. Don’t know how to make them behave? Choose a designated person to take care of them during the big day or hire a dog walker to bring them home after the ceremony. Just be sure you include them in the photos (and leave me extra time to snuggle with them).


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