Why Wedding Details Matter

I have to say that I always had a love-hate relationship with wedding details. I never really had the time to take them during the wedding day and I felt like no matter what I did my photos never looked the same as the ones you can see online. Then I decided to take a chance on them and get better. What started like a boring Sunday morning ended up as the discovery of a new passion. It turns out that wedding details are my life!! I just love them!!

Since then I invested time educating my brides. Getting little things, myself. Ring boxes, trays, little accessories that can make my bride’s details shine like nobody else’s! And my God did that make a difference!  

Your Wedding Details

As a photographer and a wedding enthusiast, I want to be sure that in 30 years you remember everything you can about your wedding day. And that my friend, includes every little detail. Everything small that you don’t think is going to matter WILL matter in the future and will make you tear up when you remember why that specific item is there. Your dad’s old watch. Your mom’s handkerchief from her wedding, your grandma’s ring. 

If you are interested and love wedding details as much as I do, I have included a little wedding detail checklist below that I normally share with my brides beforehand so they know what I am talking about when I ask them where is the “detail box” on the morning of their wedding. I am sure they understand how important this box is and that they have it ready for me before I start photographing their day.  

Don’t underestimate the power of memories no matter how tiny they might be. 


For the bride:  

  • Bride’s ring 
  • Ring boxes 
  • Bride’s jewelry 
  • Bride’s shoes 
  • Bride’s perfume 
  • Vows 
  • Flowers 
  • Bride’s garter 

For the groom: 

  • Groom’s ring 
  • Groom’s watch 
  • Groom’s cuff links 
  • Groom’s shoes 
  • Groom’s cologne 
  • Groom’s boutonniere 
  • Groom’s tie 


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