As many of you know I am from Spain. I was born by the Mediterranean sea and my childhood revolved around salty air and sunny skies. (Nothing like the flat landscapes of South Dakota that is for sure!).  I try to visit home at least once a year, and every time I go, I am sure I bring my camera with me. I am lucky enough to be able to book little sessions here and there and enjoy the light in my home country.

Last year I was lucky enough to photograph an engagement for one of my best friends. I met her on the first week in college, by mistake at the library lobby and we have been friends ever since. And even today, thousands of miles away from each other, there isn’t a month that we don’t talk to each other or touch base to see what the other one is up to. 

She gave me the opportunity to deal with a full day of sun by the beach and the challenge of making it work. It did not disappoint. And for those wondering, no, they were not supposed to get all wet. In fact, they had a parent-teacher meeting for their little daughter right after the shoot and they had to go home quick and change because they got soaked. The problems of living by the beach I guess!

Have you ever thought about a beach session? I know I know, there aren’t many places in the Midwest with a beach (actually there are ZERO places!) but you can make a lake look like a beach if you play with light, location and timing. Just because we are in the Dakotas doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to a nice beach session with your fiancée.

Now who wants to get in the water just for fun? I am always up for it and you know where to reach me!  



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