My favorite bridal designers

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a wedding dress nerd. I own over 15 wedding dresses myself and I keep buying more when I see one that I like. My problem is with the years I have developed an obsession for designer’s dresses, and a hobby like that is definitely not cheap. Read below for a raking of my favorite bridal designers!

BHLDN: My top favorite

My favorite bridal designers: BHLDN wedding dress

I mean, c’mon. I can’t with these guys. It is one thing that I am obsessed with anything Anthropology does but their wedding dress line is absolutely gorgeous. From their website to their prices and quality these guys know what they are doing and every year I treat myself to at least one of their creations.

Vera Wang: My classy favorite

My favorite bridal designers: Vera Wang wedding dress

Long time ago, right after I bought my own wedding dress I fell in love with a different one online, and I promised myself that is I ever could, I would buy it on the spot. I had that chance last year when I scored this beauty from the White collection of Vera Wang. The texture and fabrics are just a treat to the touch and the fit looks incredible in any type of body. Definitely one of my favorites!

Pronovias: My country’s favorite

My favorite bridal designers: Pronovias wedding dress

My relationship with the people of Pronovias comes from my homeland Spain as they are based there. Their dresses are just stunning to see, touch and wear and definitely a dream to photograph, especially while walking.

Hayley Paige: My surprising favorite

My favorite bridal designers: Hayley Paige Wedding dress

I have to confess that Hayley was pretty much a stranger to me until Malorie introduced me to her designs with her wedding dress. Since the moment I saw the un-even cut and the gorgeous floral fabric I was hooked. Her dresses are the most different and original I have ever seen and I can’t wait to photograph one of her creations again.

Natalie Wynn: My future favorite!

Now this is new. I have never had the opportunity to photograph one of her dresses but they are in my bucket list for 2020 and as I am obsessed with her star and Orion designs and even though they are not white dresses exactly, the flow of her creations attracts me like anything else. I hope I can get my hands on one of these soon!

How about you? Tell me about designers that you like. I am always in the hunt for my next original dress! And if you want me to photograph yours or just talk about dresses in general, send me a message on my web!


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