Tips to make your wedding look luxury

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Every wedding has a budget. But there are little tricks you can do to make your wedding day look a little closer to those Pinterest photos you like so much. (believe me, I do it in all my weddings!) Read below and practice!

  1. Tidy room. Getting ready photos can look a million times better if the room is tidy. Even if you are getting ready in a bad room, save a spot with absolutely nothing for just you and your dress and tell your girls to keep all backpacks, make up bags and food in a corner of the room. The difference will be outstanding!
  2. Well-fitted clothes. You can get a better effect just by being sure the guy’s suits and the girl’s dresses are well fitted. Nothing looks sloppier than a bridal party with baggy non-fitted clothes.
  3. Less is more. Minimalism works wonders. If you are having a small wedding, white everywhere and no clutter in decorations will make the entire place look better.
  4. Trees and shade. You don’t’ need an entire park. Just a side of a park with shade and a few trees in the background will be better to take your photo than a poor lighted church. If there isn’t a park available, try to be original and find something with a simple enough background.
  5. Take the cake out. If your reception is in a room with no windows and the lighting on the cake is not the best one, don’t be scared to take it outside and take some pictures of it with natural light! It will make the cake look 100 times better and you will be able to see the details better too!
  6. Get a photographer that knows how to photograph details. All my brides get me to photograph their wedding, but most important, they get a full trunk worth of ribbons, ring boxes and pretties that will make their wedding details look like pure gold! Believe me, when it comes to your wedding details, presentation matters!

I hope these helped! Happy planning!

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