Make your groom more comfortable on camera

Every time I meet with a couple, the story seems to be the same. Brides know what they want, they have spent months looking and following photographers in social media and Pinterest and some of them even know my poses before I even work with them! But the groom…, that’s another story.

I still have to meet a guy that feels ok when I pull my camera out of the bag. It is crazy how sometimes; the most confident guy in the world can feel intimidated by a girl with a camera. But that changes today; keep reading to find a few tips on how to make your groom feel more comfortable in front of the camera!

Bring him to our first meeting.

I like to meet my couples together. I like to hear how they met and bond with both of them. It always makes it easier if the groom has met me before their engagement session. If they met with me and still booked me, it means they gave me their blessing to point at them with my giant lens, and that is already a step in the right direction!

Let him choose his outfit.

You can give him guidelines about colors and style, but ultimately let him choose what he is going to wear. He will feel more comfortable in clothes that fit him just the way he likes.

Don’t force him to do anything that he doesn’t want to do.

My husband hates kissing pictures. He hates the way he looks in them. I know he is a million times more comfortable if we don’t kiss while taking our photos so I don’t make him do it. Every little thing is a step towards a better picture!

Let him bond with your photographer.

Introduce him in the conversation and ask for his opinion. He will feel more involved if he feels that his opinion counts.

Choose a photographer that gives you direction.

My couples never have to ask me “What am I supposed to do with my hands?” I give a lot of direction to my couples and my grooms and all of them tell me that knowing exactly what to do, makes them feel a million times better.

Now what’s your opinion about this? Do you agree with me? Is there anything that I am forgetting that would help the guys get more comfortable while taking pictures?


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