5 ways to reduce the budget on your wedding

South Dakota wedding photographer - 5 ways to reduce budget on your wedding

So… 5 ways to reduce the budget on your wedding. This post always gets attention, for obvious reasons. One of my brides called me last week worried about her budget and asking me for ideas to reduce costs but still be able to make her wedding look good on pictures. I gave her a few tips and then thought “Hey! This might be information that more brides are interested in! I should make a blog post about it!”. If you are one of those brides, please read below. I hope this info comes handy!

Smaller bridal party.

It is simple math. More people=more dresses, more suits, more gifts and in the end, more money. If your budget is limited, try to be absolutely honest with yourself and reduce your bridal party to the bare minimum.

No party bus.

I get it. Everyone wants to have fun in between ceremony and reception. But if your budget is really tight, maybe arranging a bunch of cars and going just to one location (or directly to the cocktail hour) is your best option to save money.

No open bar.

I understand drinking alcohol is a way to celebrate. But if money is going to be an issue, the open bar can wait and everyone can pay for their own drink instead.

Less guests.

Intimate weddings are totally in, and the 400 people receptions are long gone. If the budget for the reception is throwing your wedding off the window, have a meeting with your family and be honest with them on who really needs to be there and who doesn’t.

Less decor.

Minimalistic weddings have my heart and let me tell you that sometimes, the more stuff is around in the reception the worse the photos look. In wedding décor, sometimes less is more. So don’t go crazy with the decorations, look for simple wedding ideas and put the money back on your pocket!

Those were my best ideas for 5 ways to reduce budget on your wedding. I hope they were useful!!

Happy planning!

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