Bridal Party: Size Matters

This year I have done a lot of weddings around the Midwest, and I have to say that I have seen pretty much everything about bridal parties. However, one thing remains the same in every wedding, and it is the fact that most of my couples don’t think about how the size of their wedding party can affect their wedding photography. Read below for a few points that might be useful to consider, before you choose who is going to join you at the altar.

Bridal Party during wedding in South Dakota

Size matters.

Yes it does! The size of your bridal party will affect the time you have for other kind of photos. It is absolutely not the same having 8 bridesmaids, 8 groomsmen and 8 ushers, than having 3 of each and no ushers. The amount of photo time that requires taking pictures of a big group of people (an individual shots), and moving them around will very likely take time from other parts of your day. So remember, if you have a big bridal party, maybe you would like to hire your photographer for a few extra hours just in case!

The arrangement of the group will also be affected by the amount of people in it.

If you are planning to have a photo of the entire bridal party inside the church, be sure you let your photographer know so they can fit everyone in. I have been in situations where the bridal party literally doesn’t fit in one row and we have to stack people to make it look better.

Bride and her bridal party in Sioux Falls Sd

Speech time.

A big bridal party requires more time for speeches if everyone is going to talk during the reception. Keep the speech time short and to the point, and instead of letting everyone talk, tell them to write a letter to both of you.

Overall wedding cost.

The cost of bridal party outfits will obviously go up with more people. This doesn’t really affect your photography, but the cost of all these outfits will likely have to take money from other parts of the wedding. If you are in a budget maybe it’s a better option to have a much smaller group and invest your money in something else.

Bride and bridal party during wedding in South Dakota

Even numbers.

Under my opinion, even groups of bridesmaids look better in pictures. If you really want the best photos for your wedding, keep the group in even numbers for everything, including number of ushers.

Your photographer can help you decide how many people look the best for your wedding. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Happy planning!

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