The Day After The Wedding: Where Did My Stuff Go?

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Let’s see: you get engaged. You spend a good year planning. Your weddings day gets here, you get married. And then what?

One of the things that upset me the most when I got married is having to deal with the aftermath of my wedding day. For some reason I NEVER thought about it. Never crossed my mind. I mean, my head was somewhere else! I was thinking about my first dance, my honeymoon, my dress… but what about the rest? 

I asked my past brides if they ever thought about this issue and was blown away by the amount of them that were in my exact situation: After the wedding, where did all my stuff go? 

Well here are a few tips to hopefully get all that disaster under control before is too late.  

Designate someone to pick up.

It seems very silly, right? Someone will do it. Yes, you are right, someone will. But if they don’t know where anything goes and if you are not lucky enough to have a planner helping you, get ready to find absolutely all your stuff shoved inside a box in the worst way possible. And the location of that box completely unknown. Be sure you designate someone to do this chore and take your time to tell them where everything goes and where it has to be delivered before it ends up in the garbage by mistake! 

Write down who gave you what.

The pile of gifts can be exciting, yet overwhelming. Be sure you write down who gave you the package that you are going to open before you do it so you can send the proper thank you card. Some of my brides even have someone filming the whole thing on video so they can remember! 

Save the boxes.

Your veil, your dress, your shoes will fit in the original boxes and will be preserve better like that. Don’t throw the boxes away and be sure whoever is helping doesn’t do it either.  

Make a list if you borrow something.

There is nothing worse than borrowing something for your wedding and lose track of it. In my wedding, a friend let me use her velvet runner for my ceremony and someone decided to throw it to the trash the next day. I found it covered in food and alcohol inside a dumpster and let me tell you, it was not cheap to clean! Be sure you point out what needs to be returned and make the effort to double check that they did, in fact, got it back.  

Keep track of your own stuff.

Just because it’s your wedding, it doesn’t mean you can be safe. The little people on top of the cake got stolen in my wedding. I never got them back. One of the disposable cameras was missing too by the end of the day. If something is important to you, try to keep track of it or tell someone you trust about it.  

Do a last run.

The day after the wedding, try to find a moment to go back to the venue and do a last run to see if you forgot something. Better be safe than sorry! 

I hope this list really helps. It would have done a great job for me that is for sure! 



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