5 tips to better posing

I don’t know how many times I have heard in my life “I am not very photogenic”, or “my boyfriend hates photos”, or “we just don’t look good in pictures”. Normally when I hear this, I just smile to them and tell them the 4 words that make everything better “you will be fine”.

So, what should I do?

As a wedding photographer, I have been lucky enough to photograph many couples during the years. And as I know not everyone feels comfortable while being photographed, I have a few little tricks on my sleeve to make your photos feel a little less posed and a lot more comfortable.

  1. No clue = candid = beauty. If you are in a session with me and you hear me saying “I am just testing lights” while I mess with my settings, be sure that I am not laying, but while I am doing that, I always capture those little moments in front of the camera where my clients are unaware they are being photographed. The fact that they think we haven’t even started yet, give me a glimpse of their real nature and energy towards each other.
  2. No loose hands. Loose hands always look weird and uncomfortable to me. If you see my photos, my brides are normally always holding something, and my grooms hands are always either in their pockets or on the bride. Before you leave your hands loose, tuck them somewhere.
  3. Straight back. Nobody looks good with a forced hump. Remember to keep your posture and back straight during your session and your body language will get 100% better.
  4. Open your eyes and let me see them. Don’t cover your eyes with hair. Photos look better if you can see both subject’s eyes, so unless you are Jessica Rabbit (or I am taking your photos from the side), let me see both of them.
  5. Embrace your features. Don’t be scared to show your teeth, your freckles or your scars. Don’t cover your tattoos. Your singularity is what makes you beautiful and an honest smile always looks better than a forced one.

And for the last thing: trust your photographer and don’t ask for the unedited photos. We are trained to pose people in the way they look the best and to get rid of the super unflattering photos, so you only get to see the good stuff!

Happy posing!


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