The best spots for engagement photos in South Dakota.

Are you engaged? Thinking about engagement photos in South Dakota? You are in luck! If you live in the 605 state, keep reading! I am about to give you a few great ideas for your engagement photos. In this blog post, I will show you the absolute best spots in our area (plus a few extras in Sioux Falls too!). So wait no more and keep scrolling, because a bunch of great ideas for your engagement photos are coming your way!

Outdoor Campus.

Best spots for engagement photos in South Dakota - Outdoor Campus

Firstly: The Outdoor Campus can offer the best background for your engagement session. I love shooting there and know all the good spots. If you happen to be lucky enough to hit golden hour, your photos will turn out simply amazing.

Best thing: The area changes with every season, so spring looks absolutely different than summer, or fall. This park is just literally every photographer’s favorite spot for engagement photos in South Dakota.

Worst thing: It is a very popular place for the photographer community, so if you are looking for fall engagement photos, chances are you will have to wait in line for the best spots or fight your way around families taking their family photos for their Christmas cards.

Palisades Park.

Best spots for engagement photos in South Dakota - Palisades Park

Likewise the Outdoor Campus, Palisades Park is one of the best hidden gems in South Dakota. If you like adventure and are not afraid of hight, Palisades Park is definitely a great spot to have cute engagement photos.

Best thing: The scenery is amazing. Above all, the view from the bridge at sunset is just stunning.

Worst thing: You have to hike quite a bit and climbing on the rocks might take longer than you think. Remember to not wear heels!

Badlands National Park.

Best spots for engagement - Badlands National Park

If what you are looking for is incredible background and the South Dakota feel, this park is for you. Gorgeous sunsets, beautiful hills and breath-taking landscapes that will make your engagement photos unforgettable.

Best thing: The sunsets, hands down. Most importantly, the pink ones (if you are lucky to catch one of those!)

Worst: The drive. Unless you drive around the area get ready for a 5 hour trip with nothing around.

Downtown Sioux Falls.

Best spots for engagement pictures in South Dakota - Downtown Sioux Falls

So you are not a fan of driving long distance or not into hiking? it is fine! Luckily for you, out beloved Sioux Falls area has a gorgeous downtown that will provide plenty of good spots for an engagement photoshoot.

Best thing: The colors and the “urban” feel.

Worst thing: Nothing. Sioux Falls downtown is awesome!

Falls Park.

Engagement photos in South Dakota - Falls Park

In addition to all the spots mentioned before I have a great one to end our list: Our wonderful and picturesque Falls Park. If you are the kind of people that like landmarks, you can bet that there is no more iconic place in South Dakota than Falls Park. That is to say, don’t think that you can only take photos in front of the water! Falls Park has a lot of hidden places around the park where the light is just magical and you don’t even have to pay attention to the water.

Best thing: This park a huge. Lots of great spots!

Worst thing: The crowds. If you go in summer or fall, for example, it is always full or people. Even during winter there is always someone there; avoiding people can be tricky!

I hope this lists has helped you decide where to take your engagement photos! Remember that all my collections include the engagement session for free. If you want to hear more about my packages, be sure to contact me!

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