Josie + Kyle

Summer Barn Wedding at Emerald Pines Barn

Love was in the air as the countryside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, became the backdrop for Josie and Kyle’s summer barn wedding at Emerald Pines Barn. Surrounded by their loved ones, the couple celebrated their union in a setting that blended rustic charm with their undeniable romance. Also, despite a cloudy sky, the day was filled with joy, laughter, and the promise of forever love.

The venue

Emerald Pines, a meticulously decorated modern barn nestled amidst rolling green fields, set the stage for an idyllic celebration. As guests arrived, they were greeted by the gentle melodies of music provided by Eric and his company Wow Entertainment, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Nature’s embrace, with its lush greenery and summer blooming flowers, seemed to bless the union, providing a natural elegance to the occasion.

The Ceremony

The cloudy sky that adorned the day only served to intensify the intimacy and romance of the wedding. Soft, muted sunlight spilled through the breaks in the clouds, casting a warm and ethereal glow on the gathering. It seemed as if nature itself was conspiring to create a magical ambiance, setting the stage for a truly unforgettable ceremony.

The ceremony took place outdoors, the chairs, set up in a semi circle surrounding a simple, rustic wooden arch adorned with delicate blooms as the focal point. Josie, radiant in her Essence of Australia gown, made her way down the aisle, her eyes locked with Kyle’s, who stood waiting with anticipation. Surrounded by the love and support of their closest friends and family, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows, promising a lifetime of love and companionship.

As the sun peeked through the clouds during the exchange of rings, a hush fell over the crowd, amplifying the emotional significance of the moment. As we could all see, their words of commitment, spoken with unwavering sincerity, echoed through the countryside, leaving an indelible mark on everyone’s hearts.

The Reception

Afterwards, the reception took place within the barn’s beautifully adorned interior. Soft twinkle candles and bountiful floral arrangements appeared everywhere, creating an intimate and cozy ambiance. Laughter filled the air as guests enjoyed delicious cuisine, indulging in the flavors of the region.

The speeches, filled with love, laughter, and heartfelt memories, brought tears of joy to Josie and Kyle’s eyes. It was a testament to the deep connections and bonds they had nurtured throughout their lives, a reflection of the love they shared with those around them.

As the evening progressed, the dance floor became a space of celebration and merriment. The newlyweds shared their first dance, their steps perfectly synchronized, encapsulating the harmonious rhythm of their love story. Eventually, friends and family joined in, spinning and twirling with infectious happiness, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and jubilation.

The day

Despite the day beginning with clouds, they had only served to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of Josie and Kyle’s summer barn wedding. Every detail was perfect, every moment filled with love and tenderness. It was a day that surpassed all expectations, a true reflection of the couple’s unwavering commitment to one another.

As the night drew to a close, Josie and Kyle bid farewell to their loved ones with a sparkler exit, their hearts overflowing with gratitude for the memories they had created together. With the promise of a lifetime of love and adventure ahead, they stepped into the world as husband and wife, ready to embrace whatever the future may hold.

From the photographer

Dear Josie and Kyle: may your love continue to blossom, just as the flowers bloomed on that cloudy yet beautiful summer day in Sioux Falls, SD. Cheers to this wonderful couple, and to a love story that will forever be etched in our hearts (and in my blog!).

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Vendors involved in this wedding: Photography: Solis Photography | Hair: Rebecca Link | Makeup: Megan Bertsch Beauty and American beauty SD | Dress Designer: Essence of Australia | Dress store: Your Day by Nicole | Suits: Halberstadt’s | Venue: Emerald Pines Barn | Florals: Flower Mill | Baker: HyVee | Pretzels: Auntie Anne’s | Cater: HyVee Weddings | Entertainment: Wow Entertainment | Video: Hailey Jean Films | Bridesmaids dresses: Kennedy Blue |

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