Ashley + JJ

Romantic summer wedding in the heart of Marshall, MN

Love knows no bounds, and it certainly doesn’t take a break for weather conditions. In the beautiful town of Marshall, Minnesota, where warm summer days are cherished, Ashley and JJ dared to tie the knot on the hottest day of the year.

Setting the Stage

Marshall, nestled in the heart of the state, is known for its idyllic landscapes and welcoming community. However, Mother Nature decided to put everyone to the test on this particular day, with the thermometer reaching over 85 degrees!.

The Couple

What can I say about Ashley and JJ, a couple deeply in love and unafraid of facing hours taking photos with me. Both of them share a passion for adventure and, apparently, rap singing, which made their reception entrance one to remember, at least for me!

The Ceremony

With the sun blazing in the clear blue sky, guests arrived at the Catholic Church of the Holy Redeemer, adorned in their best attire but armed with handheld fans and bottles of water. The church’s cool interior provided respite from the intense heat outside, and the warm smiles on everyone’s faces served as a reminder of the love and support surrounding this wonderful couple. Despite the challenging weather, the couple’s vows echoed through the room, radiating warmth and devotion to everyone present.

The Reception

As the ceremony concluded, the wedding party and guests headed to the The Upper Room for the reception. The event center was received as an oasis of coolness, with refreshing beverages and icy treats to combat the relentless heat. The modern and urban charm of the venue, coupled with the couple’s unique touches, added an extra layer of magic to the evening.

Overcoming the Heat

While the blazing sun posed a formidable challenge, the couple’s resourcefulness and the spirit of their loved ones prevailed. The bridal party, armed with several fans and bottles of water, found creative ways to stay cool, even if that meant leaving several cars running with the AC on for longer than expected. The scorching heat, seemed to ignite an unbreakable sense of camaraderie among the bridesmaids and groomsmen as they cheered on the newlyweds.

The Power of Love

The sweltering heat couldn’t hold a candle to the love and commitment that filled the air that day. Ashley and JJ stood as a testament to the fact that love is unyielding and enduring. In this case: Hottest wedding of my entire career. The couple’s determination to embrace the day spoke volumes about their dedication to each other and their wedding.


A day like yesterday doesn’t bother me. I spend all winter dreaming on days like the one I got to photograph yesterday. The heat of the hottest day of the year couldn’t extinguish the love and joy that radiated from Ashley and JJ. In the end: I had fun, took gorgeous photos and got to spend a wonderful day with one of my favorite couples.

5 star review. Ten out of ten would recommend. 😉

Vendors involved in this wedding: Photography: Solis Photography | Hair and Make up: Hair by Hannah Hagen | Make Up: Briborman Beauty | Bride’s Dress Shop: Our Shop Bridal | Dress Designer: Jasmine Empire | Flowers: Marshall Floral MN | Cake: Sweet Kettle Madness | Stationery: Kayla Creates | Suits: Halberstadt’s | Rings: Helzberg Diamonds Looking for more real wedding inspiration? Click here.

Solis Photography is a fine art wedding photographer who specializes in capturing love. Solis Photography is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but is available worldwide.


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