Justin + Kelly

Winter engagement at Downtown Sioux Falls, SD

This year’s winter has been incredible. Justin called me during Christmas break asking me to photograph his surprise proposal. We tried, we really did. But every time the South Dakota weather would steer us in a different direction. In the end, Justin ended up proposing to Kelly on his own, but still trusted me to take their engagement photos. And we ended up with the most beautiful winter engagement at Downtown, Sioux Falls.

You would never believe if I tell you that we took these at 20F. If I actually tell you that the day after these photos we spent almost a week indoors because of a huge blizzard warning you you think I am lying.

The location

Winter in Sioux Falls is always a very challenging time to take your engagement photos. Especially in the en of February… the city is not at its prime of beauty and the brutal winter temperatures make it very hard to stand outside for more than 20 minutes. I gave Justin and Kelly two options and they finally decided to do it Downtown, and let me tell you, I was so happy.

Downtown Sioux Falls is the only place around this area where winter can look beautiful. The city is always so beautiful and so clean that even during a day like this their photos look so romantic! I mean, the couple helped too, right?

My tip for you

I guess my tip for you here is to be sure you choose carefully your time for engagement photos and overall, stay realistic on your expectations. If you decide to take them during February, you have to count with the fact that weather will play a very big part on it and you should always be open to the possibility of rescheduling because of a winter warning.

In the end, no matter what, if your dream is a winter wonderland photoshoot, you are in the perfect place to do it. So, pick up a nice coat and let’s go out and shoot your engagement! I will be more than happy to freeze my butt again for photos as adorable as these!


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