7 Things brides need to know before inquiring with me

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My process with prospective brides is pretty easy: bride checks my website, likes what she sees and fills up form. I answer within 24 hours and the conversation starts. Once she knows the price of my services and she is ok with that, we normally meet for a formal interview. Until here everything normal, right?

It is during that first interview between me and the couple that we can find if we are a good fit for each other. And that is the whole point of this blog post. I said no to 4 weddings this year. The date was open and they had the money; any other person would have just taken it and move on, right? Wrong. This is not what my business is about. I believe in happy clients and in an outstanding service; and in order to give that to my couples, I need to be sure, they are the right clients for me and I am the right photographer for them. (Even if that means I am saying goodbye to a couple thousand dollars in the process). So read below and see what you need to know before inquiring with Solis Photography.

I have a very distinctive editing style.

I am a light and airy-filmy-looking photographer. I love that style. My edits are clean, bright and non moody at all. If you are looking for a moody photographer with lots of oranges and dark hues, I am definitely not the right person for your wedding but I can refer you to some friends with that style!

I am very outgoing and a toucher.

I am not a quiet person and I like to hug my couples (and their guests) when I see them. If you are the kind of person that likes introverted and quiet people don’t hire me.

I like to take control of your day so you don’t have to.

I meet with my brides many times during the planning process. I help them with the schedule, shot list and family drama. I help them find vendors and unless they have a wedding planner, I keep an eye on the timing of the day. My brides are laid back people that trust me and are not scared to just sit back and enjoy.

I like communication and organization.

I help my brides with the schedule of the day so everyone knows what is happening, when and where. Communication is key on your wedding day and I expect you to have it with me!

I am from Spain and shoot with a lens that requires me to be far away from you.

Have you seen all those gorgeous and dreamy blurry backgrounds that my photos have? Well, if you want me on your wedding, get ready for a girl screaming instructions from 40 yards away in a very funny but lovely accent. (Sometimes this comes really handy as an icebreaker with your bridal party though!)

I am going to cry on your wedding day, and that is a FACT.

Since I became a boy mom, I can’t keep it together when the groom dances with his mom. I promise I won’t miss the shot but I can’t promise I won’t sob during it.

I like to work with my couples before the wedding.

I have only had two bad experiences in my time as a wedding photographer, and both of them were due to never meet the groom or work with him before the wedding day. The engagement session is a necessity for all of us to be absolutely sure we are a good fit and you guys are comfortable working with me. So it has to happen. (Plus it is a wonderful way to spend a romantic date with your fiancé and get him comfortable in front of the camera too).

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Now that you know a little bit more about my process, why don’t you check out my website again and see if you like what you see?



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