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In weddings, as in life, everyone thinks they have real wedding expectations towards us vendors. More times that I can count, brides come to me with questions about what my job really is and what can they expect from my services as wedding photographer; and more times that I would like to remember, other wedding photographers have complain to me about their brides having unrealistic expectations about them. So with this post, I want to tell you what you can expect from a good wedding photographer, so the next time you meet with one, you can hopefully tell the good from the bad.

A good wedding photographer should have:

A good contract.

My contract has 12 pages. Please note that I don’t want to say by any means this is the best ever, but a good contract should include the following fields: the services provided, the price you are paying for them, the cancellation and refund policies (things happen!) and the timeline of delivery of your photos. If what you are signing doesn’t include this information I would not sign a thing, and if your photographer doesn’t have a contract at all, then it is time to go back to square 1 and keep looking.

More than one camera.

Things happen. Accidents happen. A back up camera is necessary! If your photographer only has one you are seriously rolling dice here and hoping for the best.

Insurance and tax license.

If your photographer has none of these, they are not a legal business, and as an illegal business there is no complaining to do if something goes wrong. Period.

Proof of experience.

Your wedding only happens ONCE. You plan for months just for one day. Hiring a photographer with no experience (or someone with a “nice camera”) is simply a mistake. The day after the wedding you will regret not having better memories. Avoid the drama and horror stories by hiring someone that knows what they are doing.

A defined style.

There are plenty of different styles of photography. You hire a photographer because you like their style and their personality. But what if you like light and airy photos and you end up having dark and moody ones? A defined style gives you the warranty that you will get what you paid for. Otherwise you might be just playing photo Russian roulette. Don’t risk it.

Good communication.

You are paying big money for photo services, you deserve good customer care. If the communication with your photographer isn’t easy since the beginning or she is hard to reach on your first meeting, go to someone else. You will need to talk to them plenty of time during the planning process and someone that is always unavailable gets frustrating very fast.

Appreciation for their job.

I love capturing weddings. If you have ever meet me you probably know already. My brides get excited when they talk to me because I can’t wait for their day! If your photographer seems more interested in the money and their phone than in the color of your bridesmaids dresses, ditch them. You don’t want someone like that in your wedding.

A very clear deadline.

When your photos will be ready and how they will be delivered is something that needs to be very clear since the beginning. That way you know exactly when you will see your photos, and your photographer doesn’t have to answer emails from confused brides wondering when their pictures will be done. Everyone happy.

 A complete branding.

I am not talking about a pretty website. There are plenty of great wedding photographers with old-er websites that are totally and absolutely amazing at their job. What I am talking about here is a complete branding. Website, facebook, instagram, google reviews, anything that tells you they are legit, legal and their business is actually a business that you can trust in. Put your money and your memories in the hands of people that are going to respond on that wonderful day that is your wedding.

Remember that before hiring a wedding photographer, your expectations need to be talked and agreed before hand to avoid bad surprises later. Don’t be scared to ask during your first meeting. Your photographer will be more than happy to answer!

Happy planning!

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