My favorite bride

I have been a wedding photographer for many years, and I have seen plenty of brides during my career. But from all of my clients, one of them is definitely my favorite bride. Who is she? Read below if you want to know.

  1. My favorite bride contacts me as soon as she gets engaged. She emails me through my website and asks for a meeting right away because she loves my photos. It is awesome!
  2. She loves my style and hires me because of it. She has been following me on Instagram for the longest time and loves the light and airy style that defines my work. She can’t imagine her wedding captured any other way!
  3. My favorite bride understands the value of her memories and doesn’t want to put something so important in anyone else’s hands.
  4. She trusts me from day 1. She asks for my opinion and trusts in my answers. She knows I will take care of her wedding day like it is my own so she can relax and enjoy because me and my team are there to help.
  5. My favorite bride is laid back and in love. She knows her day is only going to happen once and she isn’t going to be able to control everything, so she decides to enjoy and let things happen naturally.

Ok… my favorite bride MIGHT be every single one of my brides; but I can’t help it. When a couple books me, I make sure we match, we click, we are a team that works, and that my friends, matters. You can go to my Instagram and read the reviews if you want to check directly from their keyboard.

Do you think you are my favorite bride? Wanna have coffee with me and find out? I am just one click away!

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