Your photographer can help with family drama

Family posing during wedding in South Dakota

Man… family drama. There is one in every wedding. Believe me, no matter if your wedding is a back yard or a super expensive venue; family is always family and when you put together your family members and a situation as stressful as your wedding day, things can get out of control FAST.

But I can help you with it! How? Keep reading below and let’s say goodbye to your family drama with these little tips.

  1. Before I work with my couples I ALWAYS have a meeting to talk about family matters. I want to know everything, and when I say everything I mean it. Who is married to who? Who doesn’t get along? Who hate each other? Who is more likely to create a situation? Communication is key for me and when my brides help me create a mental picture of their families I can provide a better service on the day of by keeping those people away from each other (at least during photo time).
  2. If you don’t want to be the mean person on your wedding day, just let me know and I will take the bullet. One of my past brides was having the hardest morning while getting ready due to her cousins being absolutely horrendous around her. All she had to do was wink at me and we managed to get them out of the room due to photo space needed.
  3. If someone needs to be photo shopped out of future formal photos, I need to know ahead of time. It is easy getting rid of someone you don’t like in a picture as long as I know before taking it.
  4. I can always use extra help. If any of your family members is not dealing very good with stress just say the word and we will ask them to do something for us. Normally people are always willing to help the photographers and they feel better when they have a mission to accomplish, so in a situation of need, let us know!
  5. Be patient. Your family just wants you to have the best day, and sometimes good wishing brings out the worst of the best people. Remember they are there to help and you will feel better overall.

Happy planning!


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