Dreamy engagement at Falls Park.

When Kimberly contacted me to shoot this dreamy engagement session at Falls Park, I didn’t realize I was going to have so many things in common with both of them. You see, I wasn’t born in South Dakota. Neither were Kim or Ahmad. Her family is Vietnamese, his family still lives in Lebanon. We share the same feelings towards South Dakota: love the summers, not a big fan of the winters. We all love light and airy photos and absolutely enjoy a good sunny evening walk around town.

My time with them.

We spent a real good time talking about our countries, our cultures and our past. They told me their plans on having a traditional Vietnamese wedding and my heart jumped out of excitement. Have you ever seen one? Vietnamese weddings are absolutely gorgeous! Ahmad told me a lot about his life too. How much he misses his family and how much he remembers the beach and the Mediterranean… just like me and Spain!

Then they told me about their past together. They met in Miami and found their way to Sioux Falls together.

I have to say that this is pretty much the part of my job that I love the most. Being honored to spend some time with people like Kim and Ahmad and talk about things I love while I remember my life back home… Kim, can we do it again? Anyone else excited to see these two say I do???

Keep scrolling to see more of this dreamy engagement session at Falls Park and keep your eyes open for more engagements because let me tell you: wedding season is in full blast!


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