Badlands, South Dakota

Brittany and Ross’ elopement at the Badlands National Park, in South Dakota, occurred at the height of the South Dakota fall in one of the coolest locations I’ve ever seen since I moved here in 2011. The open space of this private property created a stunning backdrop to their sweet bridal portraits with their closer friends.

If you’re at all familiar with the west side of our state, you know there’s no way to guess what date will give you the ideal environment. The weather changes from one day to another, and either if your wedding is in Sioux Falls or Rapid City, when you plan a wedding in South Dakota, you know that you are always rolling the dice when it comes to weather. Luckily for Brittany and Ross, their October date turned out to be absolutely perfect for catching the perfect fall colors.

We began Brittany and Ross’ elopement at their private property in the heart of the South Dakota wilderness. Brittany was already dressed and when Ross got done we proceeded to go out to scout the perfect location to do our bridal party photos. They chose a little area site along a mountain pass that was absolutely covered in trees! Honestly, I don’t think I can find this spot again if I go by myself. It was so secluded that I couldn’t believe it. But we made it our spot :).

For their bridal portraits, they wanted to go to a more open space and we ended up landing in an area surrounded by horses. As the sun was setting in, we captured the most stunning couple’s photos! Believe me: this view dos not get old.

After the portraits, they had a little ceremony in a very small and private church surrounded by the people they love the most. There were laughs, and many happy tears from everyone present! Brittany and Ross exchanged vows and rings, then high-fived their family as they walked by!

If you think an elopement can get any better than this, you are wrong. Wanna re-live this elopement with me? Keep scrolling!

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