6 ways to involve your groom in the wedding planning

During my time as a wedding photographer, I always got the feeling that weddings are a girl thing. Brides show up with those big binders full of ideas and Pinterest photos while the groom seats there and just nods. Some brides are totally ok with this, some other have confessed me that they would wish for their fiancée to be more excited about the wedding planning, more involved in it.

I have put some thought on this and came out with a few ideas to hopefully make the wedding planning more of a team activity and less of a lonely journey.

Divide and conquer.

I have organized shoots by myself and I have organized shoots with other photographers, and I have to say that, even though I have to sacrifice a little bit of my vision to have company during the planning, the process is always easier with company. Have a meeting with your groom, tell him your vision and give him homework to do. He will be more excited about the final event if he has put some hard work into it and the entire process will be easier for you too.

Set up times to talk about the wedding.

Nothing will make him hate the planning process more than having you talking about it all day long. Set up a defined amount of time to talk wedding stuff and go back to the normal boyfriend-girlfriend routine once the time is up.

Let him have an opinion.

He is as much part of the wedding as you and his opinion counts. Listen to him and choose your battles to keep him engaged with the planning.

Don’t micro manage him.

If you give him something to do trust that he will do it and don’t over control him. If he feels that the responsibility is really on him he will get it done.

Bring him to the meetings with the vendors.

Ask for his opinion during them. Listen to his answers.

Share the wins with him.

Once the whole picture is coming together he will be excited to see the final result too.

Do you have any more ides on how to include the grooms on the wedding planning? Are you a groom and want to give input? Write it below! I would love to hear!

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