To All The Moms Out There

I am 35 years old. I spent half of my life in another country continent.  I have been bilingual for a long time. I have studied in 4 difference countries, meet tons of people of different cultures and learn lots of different things, and let me tell you: absolutely none of that knowledge means crap, once you become a mom.  

I was never sure of my future, and I am not a big kid’s person. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children to pieces, but I am not the kind of person that hangs out with the kids at birthday parties. I am not the person that HAS to hold the baby. But I always knew I wanted to be a mom in some point.  

And then life got real.  

Welcome to motherhood. Welcome to not sleeping, cleaning human feces and being vomited on more times that I can count. But also, welcome to the best snuggles that you will ever receive, the best kisses that you will ever get and the warmest hugs that you can find in the whole universe. One day you think your kid is a genius and the next one you find yourself saying things like “Stop licking your brother!”. Becoming a parent is a real adventure that nobody trains you for. It is like trying to jump from an airplane with a bunch of people that don’t know how to open their parachute, and you have to help them while trying to stay alive too.  

And I thought that labor was the hard part! Gosh I was naïve!  

Being a mom is not easy, but it is worth it 1 million times plus eternity. The photos that I am sharing today are not the kind of photos I normally share. They aren’t taken with the best camera or in the best moment. But they are still memories. These are the reasons that I get to celebrate days like yesterday. These are the reasons I smile every day.  

Happy late Mother’s day to every mom out there. You made it one more year. And sorry to my brides for not showing perfectly good glowing wedding pictures today. But we all have a mom too, right? 😉 

May 14, 2019

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