Ten things I learned from my 2019 brides

I like to think that a person never stops learning, and you can learn things from absolutely everyone. During the wedding planning, I teach a lot to my brides but every year, I learn from them too. It is wonderful being surrounded by such an incredible group of human beings. Here are the ten things I learned from my 2019 brides.

Malorie and Shane taught me that your babies could have 4 legs instead of two.

Malorie and Shane outdoor wedding in Sioux Falls, SD. Photo of puppies during wedding.

The amount of love these two have for these puppies is absolutely overwhelming. They did such an incredible job during photo time that made me want to steal them and keep them forever. I really love when my couples include their pets on their wedding day!

Natalie and Dusty taught me that a helicopter ride could be more fun that I have ever imagined.

Couple posing with their dog in front of helicopter during their engagement session with Solis Photography

Their engagement photos were as adventurous as them and even though I was freaking out the entire time, being able to fly around South Dakota with these two gave me an incredible opportunity to see my beloved state from a different angle!

Mary and Justin taught me that family matters.

Couple siting in front of house with their family the day before their wedding.

Mary chose to have her rehearsal dinner captured instead of having an engagement shoot and we took family photos during it. Being able to meet and bond with her family members the day before their wedding gave me a great sense of how big their love is.

John and Megan taught me how beautiful a ceremony in Lakota language can be.

Couple hugging each other on a cruise.

Seriously. Have you every heard the sound of Lakota? I can’t imagine a more hauntingly beautiful sound. I could listen to Megan’s mom talk for hours.

Jenna and Ross taught me that the size of the venue doesn’t matter.

Wedding couple snuggling on couch on the day of their wedding.

What matters is what you can make with it and the people that is inside. Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous and their reception, a blast.  

Kelsey and Tyler taught me that a good bridal party really matters.

Romantic couple during their wedding day.

I had a blast with all of them and even though the bridal party was big, I was extremely sad to say goodbye to them.

Lisa and Blake taught me the importance of choosing the right client.

Bride and groom together on their wedding day with the city of Sioux Falls in the background.

I chose these two over another couple. They both called me the same day, they both had incredible weddings, and they both wanted to hire me. But I had a feeling with them and I wasn’t wrong. I could photograph them over and over. They are a true perfect match for me.

Tori and Cameron taught me to make the best of every situation.

bride and groom hugging each other in a prairie in South Dakota. Groom kissing bride.

And that even when your party bus arrives one and a half hours late, the photos you take while you wait can be the most absolutely gorgeous you will ever take.

Natalie and Zach taught me that you don’t need to plan for years to have the perfect wedding.

Couple kissing each other under a tree on the day of their fall wedding.

You just simply need the perfect partner by your side, ands the perfect team of vendors to help. Jane Rae on the planning, Dan Ludeman on the video and Dj Sieff on the DJ booth made the absolute perfect day I would have gotten for my own wedding!

Overall, my couples taught me one more time, that the most important thing to have the perfect wedding, is to be in absolute love with the person you are marrying. Ok, I might have known this already, but it is always a good reminder, right?

I am going to miss my 2019 couples. I can’t wait to learn fro my 2020 ones!!

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March 26, 2020

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